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    2626 Ticket comments :: `comment:1:ticket:2`
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     28 Milestones :: `milestone:1.0`
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    3032 Diffs :: `diff:@1:3`, `diff:tags/trac-0.9.2/wiki-default//tags/trac-0.9.3/wiki-default`
    3133          or `diff:trunk/trac@3538//sandbox/vc-refactoring@3539`
    32  Milestones :: `milestone:1.0`
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     34 Files :: `source:trunk/COPYING`, `source:/trunk/COPYING@200` (at version 200), `source:/trunk/COPYING@200#L25` (at version 200, line 25)
    4240 Ticket comments :: comment:1:ticket:2
    4341 Reports :: {1} or report:1
     42 Milestones :: milestone:1.0
     43 Attachment :: attachment:example.tgz (for current page attachment), attachment:attachment.1073.diff:ticket:944 (absolute path)
    4444 Changesets :: r1, [1], changeset:1 or (restricted) [1/trunk], changeset:1/trunk
    4545 Revision log :: r1:3, [1:3] or log:@1:3, log:trunk@1:3, [2:5/trunk]
    4646 Diffs :: diff:@1:3, diff:tags/trac-0.9.2/wiki-default//tags/trac-0.9.3/wiki-default
    4747          or diff:trunk/trac@3538//sandbox/vc-refactoring@3539
    48  Milestones :: milestone:1.0
    49  Attachment :: attachment:example.tgz (for current page attachment), attachment:attachment.1073.diff:ticket:944 (absolute path)
    50  Files :: source:trunk/COPYING
    51  A specific file revision :: source:/trunk/COPYING@200
    52  A particular line of a specific file revision :: source:/trunk/COPYING@200#L25
     48 Files :: source:trunk/COPYING, source:/trunk/COPYING@200 (at version 200), source:/trunk/COPYING@200#L25 (at version 200, line 25)
    295291=== Version Control related links ===
     293It should be noted that multiple repository support works by creating a kind of virtual namespace for versioned files in which the toplevel folders correspond to the repository names. Therefore, in presence of multiple repositories, a ''/path'' specification in the syntax of links detailed below should start with the name of the repository. If omitted, the default repository is used. In case a toplevel folder of the default repository has the same name as a repository, the latter "wins". One can always access such folder by fully qualifying it (the default repository can be an alias of a named repository, or conversely, it is always possible to create an alias for the default repository, ask your Trac administrator).
     295For example, `source:/trunk/COPYING` targets the path `/trunk/COPYING` in the default repository, whereas `source:/projectA/trunk/COPYING` targets the path `/trunk/COPYING` in the repository named `projectA`. This can be the same file if `'projectA'` is an alias to the default repository or if `''` (the default repository) is an alias to `'projectA'`.
    296297==== source: links ====
    297298 ''aliases:'' `browser:`, `repos:`