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    1515file = /path/to/global/trac.ini
    17 Multiple files can be specified using a comma-separated list.
     17Multiple files can be specified using a comma-separated list. Non-absolute paths are relative to the Environment `conf` directory.
    1919Note that you can also specify a global option file when creating a new project, by adding the option `--inherit=/path/to/global/trac.ini` to [TracAdmin#initenv trac-admin]'s `initenv` command. If you specify `--inherit` but nevertheless intend to use a global option file with your new environment, you will have to go through the newly generated `conf/trac.ini` file and delete the entries that will otherwise override those in the global file.
     33== Configure Error Reporting
     35The error reporting page has a //Create// button for reporting
     36issues. The site to which issues are reported depends on the
     37configuration of the Trac site and the user’s permissions.
     39If the user doesn’t possess TRAC_ADMIN, the site to which a user is directed to create a ticket is determined by the [[#project-admin_trac_url-option|"[trac] admin_trac_url"]] setting:
     41* If empty, there will be no //Create// button.
     42* If set to the default value (`.`), the ticket will be
     43  created on the site which the error occurred.
     44* Otherwise the ticket will be created at the site pointed
     45  to by `admin_trac_url`.
     47If [[#project-admin-option|"[project] admin"]] is not empty, the administrator's email address will be rendered on the error page.
     49If the user possesses TRAC_ADMIN, the //Create// button will direct the user to report the issue on If the error was generated in a plugin, the error will be reported to the project URL provided that the plugin author has included the project URL in the plugin installation data. The user possessing TRAC_ADMIN also sees a traceback and system information on the error page.
    3452See also: TracAdmin, TracEnvironment