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     1== !TopView with release 12.0.7 (CSC) ==
     3This page is taken from the CERN twiki by Akira Shibata
     5  * The latest tag is !TopView-00-12-14-03 ($version = 00-12-14-03 in the following)
     6  * This version is compatible with 12.0.7 (!groupArea fixes some problems)
     8This is the official version for CSC analysis. Unfortunately several tags needs to be
     9checked out before proper functioning of the package.
     11Follow !EventViewGroupArea and set yourself up to release 12.0.7 with groupArea. Go to
     12your cmthome directory and setup:
     14   source -tag=12.0.7,groupArea
     17Check out the following packages in your workarea (not necessary if packman package was used):
     19   cmt co -r TopView-$version PhysicsAnalysis/TopPhys/TopView
     20   cmt co -r HighPtView-00-00-32 PhysicsAnalysis/HighPtPhys/HighPtView
     21   cmt co -r HiggsAnalysisUtils-00-03-14 PhysicsAnalysis/HiggsPhys/HiggsAnalysisUtils
     22   cmt co -r EventViewConfiguration-00-00-52 PhysicsAnalysis/EventViewBuilder/EventViewConfiguration
     23   cmt co -r EventViewInserters-00-00-49-15 PhysicsAnalysis/EventViewBuilder/EventViewInserters
     26If the local setup does not have SUSYView checked out then also switch the following two lines in TopView/share/
     29theApp.Dlls += ["SUSYView"]
     30theApp.Dlls += ["HiggsAnalysisUtils"]
     34theApp.Dlls += ["HiggsAnalysisUtils"]
     35theApp.Dlls += ["SUSYView"]
     37These lines can be found in the beginning of the job Options, more precisely here
     39# used for fitter
     40theApp.Dlls += ["TopTools"]
     41#theApp.Dlls += ["EventViewPerformance"]
     42theApp.Dlls += ["TopView"]
     43theApp.Dlls += ["SUSYView"]
     44theApp.Dlls += ["HiggsAnalysisUtils"]
     48The Higgs package and !EVInserters are needed for isEM tuning (tune2).
     49!HighPtView and !EVConfig packages are needed to revert to the compatible
     50versions (the ones in !groupArea breaks !TopView).
     52If you are using PANDA, don't forget to checkout panda tools too
     54   cmt co PandaTools PhysicsAnalysis/DistributedAnalysis/PandaTools
     57and set up top view:
     59   cd PhysicsAnalysis/TopPhys/TopView/TopView-$version/cmt
     60   # (TopView-$version directory may not exist depending on your setup)
     61   cmt config
     62   source
     63   gmake
     66and you should have to compile other packages too.
     68To test, do
     70athena !TopView/ from =PhysicsAnalysis/TopPhys/TopView/TopView-$version/run= (you must provide alternative data if you are not on lxplus.) If it runs, you are all set.
     73 * NOTE: TopView is a runtime package, you can run your jobs from TopView/run directory. You don't need to go to !UserAnalysis.